This is just one of the harassing telephone calls I receive constantly. It is okay for these people to continue calling even tho you never answer them. I have blocked them but they can get thru to Voice Mail. The company's name is American Heritage Financial. I decided I would harass them back and called over and over again and lovingly told them what I thought of their constant calls. Gues what? They didn't like it and said they were going to call the police and say I was harassing them. More people should retaliate and tie up the phone lines of these creeps. Unsolicted calls are deplorable. Who buys anything from an unsolicted phone call anyway.


Say they are trying to collect a debt. Not a real debt collector. Scam. Unsafe!!!


Calling my number several times. I haven't picked up


We receive multiple calls from 310-363-7732 / MS Affirmative Action with a case number. They make it seem important (put urgent items on messages, etc) but they are just telemarketers preying on ingnormace and miss information. They call daily (sometimes more than once) and indicate you are in trouble with the government and you have to call them. DO NOT call the - its just sales


I got a call by this number saying there is legal action against me and gave me a social security number that isn't even mine . I left a message with threats of sueing them . If it's a bill collector ok but it doesn't sound like one . It's a scam cause usually if you have legal issues they serve you or they send a letter to you address . Beware of this number .


Robo call. Phony IRS call. 'Press 1 to talk to us. Press 2 if you wish to appear in front of a federal magistrate.' Foreign accent, although he tries to disguise it. We've gotten several of these calls (same fella) in the last 3 months. Just hang up. Nobody's coming to get ya.


Hello is this phone number 514-612-0643 a scam? Thank you


Just called me to 9:30 this morning on my house phone. Didn't answer, no message left


Watch facebook invite 315 274556 they you name and how old of you then hang up


I get the same results as grubs


My home line. Did not pick up and no message left


This is one of those robocallers that has an automated attendant that sounds like a real person, until you realize the responses are not quite correct. Ignore/block.


Survey firm, said I won a free cruise to the Bahamas automated caller. Been getting this same call on numerous phones about free cruise.


NO! It is NOT the courthouse calling. It is a THIEF trying to extort money from you. It is also ILLEFGAL to claim to be part if the government.. IF there really was a charge against you, there would be no warning! Think SCAM!~


Does someone know who calls from this number.


Using one # to call you at & a different # for you to call them back


This number called my home phone while I was eating dinner, and I chose not to answer it because the caller id suggested it might be about home security. I'll be blocking this number.


Calls, no message and call-back is not a working number.


Got a call from this number.


Did not recognize number, but it is a Pgh area code. Plus it is Verizon. Searched another site and it comes up with some stupid ad to win using bit coins.